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What We’re Reading – A Roundup of the Latest Impact Investing News

Impact Investment News

Impact Exchange: How it Will Change Investing – IFLR

Does Impact Investing Work? Vital Capital Case Study Shows It Does – Forbes

Connecticut’s New Solar Lease Program Will Kindle Economic Opportunity – Clean Energy Finance Center

The Money and Impact Investing Directory – Connecting Money, Sustainability and Values – Green Money Journal

Community Foundation to venture into ‘impact investing’ – Business First

Forbes Interview with Impact Investor Jim Sorenson – Forbes

Sustainability News

EU Carbon Emissions Lowest Since 1990 – Renewable Energy World

4 Reasons Renewable Energy Is Ready for the President’s Climate Action Plan – World Resources Institute

Ratings and rankings: How competition promotes corporate sustainability – GreenBiz

Crowdfunding News

How crowdsourcing and open innovation could change the world – The Guardian

Equity Crowdfunding: The Driving Force Behind Job Creation – Huffington Post


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What We’re Reading – A Roundup of the Latest Impact Investing News

Impact Investment News

How to Attract Private Investment in Clean Energy – Bloomberg

The Social Stock Exchange: Measuring Companies’ Social Impact – The Guardian

The Role of Social Impact Bonds – Local Government Chronicle

Impact Investing: Lots of Interest, but Where’s the Big Money? – Businessweek

Socially Responsible Investing Moving From Upstream to Mainstream – Huffington Post

Impact Investing: The Challenge of Job Creation – RSF Social Finance

Sustainability News

Obama to Take Sweeping Action on Climate – Washington Post

The Tie Between Brand Value and Sustainability is Getting Stronger – TriplePundit

Investor Relations Cautiously Curious About CSR – CSR Wire

Crowdfunding News

State crowdfunding & state banks will moot the JOBS Act – Venture Beat

Crowdfunding Trends: Which Crowdfunding Sites Will Survive – Forbes

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IMG-20130611-00199Like many players in the New York impact investing space, Mission Markets spends a lot of time flying from JFK to SFO for major events. The SOCAP event series, the de-facto gold standard for such events since its launch way back in the late noughties, is the best – but far from only – example of social capital happenings happening on the “other” coast.

The party line is that the success of these events is what matters, which makes whining about their locale seem petty… and while I toe the party line, as someone who not just works in New York but was born here, it irks me that NYC isn’t a bigger hub (pun intended) for the wheels that keep social capital spinning.

Which is why I’m so glad that I – along with MM colleague Rebecca Orlowitz – attended Able Made’s  AMP IT UP! event at the Red Rooster in Harlem, NYC on Tuesday, June 11: it restored my faith in NYC as a bona fide center of the social capital solar system.

For starters, the attendees – from the organizers to the featured entrepreneurs to the venue staff – were all great examples of what success looks like when focusing on both social and financial bottom lines.

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What We’re Reading – A Roundup of the Latest Impact Investing News

Impact Investment News

Investors Announce Proposal for Sustainability Listing Standard for Global Stock Exchanges – Ceres

Royalty-Based Venture Financing, Born in Boston, Could Shake Up VCs and Startups from New England to the Northwest – Xconomy

Gift puts Utah’s legacy of impact investing, Salt Lake City on the map – Deseret News

High Net Worth Not Big on Socially Responsible Investments – Millionaire Corner

Family Foundation Embraces Impact Investing – WSJ

PACE Financing Concept Provides Hope for Renewable Energy Projects – Renewable Energy World

‘Social Impact’ Investing in Demand in Maine, but Hurdles Linger – Maine Public Broadcasting

Social Innovation in Acceleration: Building the Social Impact Bond Ecosystem – Forbes

The Rise of Impact Investment – Triple Pundit

The Housing Market is on the Rise: Opportunities in Green Building – Triple Pundit

Coming soon: Sustainability ratings for real estate investments – GreenBiz

Sustainability News

NY Renewable Energy Study Finds New York Could Soon Be Powered By Wind, Water And Sunlight – Huffington Post

Sustainable agricultural policies will soon land in farmers’ laps – The Western Producer

Skoll World Forum 2013: 5 Conversations Worth Having On Social Entrepreneurship – Policy Mic

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Sustainable Mariculture with Roberts and Rose Mariculture Corp.

rose4Mission Markets is proud to have Roberts and Rose Mariculture Corp. as a qualified issuer member.  We sat down to ask Tom Roberts and Robert Rose a few questions about the mariculture industry and markets and how sustainable farming of sea cucumbers can help restore fragile ecosystems. To learn more, please register at

Q)    What is Mariculture? What inspired you to enter this market and what are some of your past accomplishments?

A) Mariculture (mari =sea in Latin) is the science or art of sea farming of plants and animals. The word is used interchangeably with aquaculture, which includes both marine and sea farming or cultivation.

Inspiration was an evolution over time for both Thomas Roberts and Robert Rose, from sport/recreational diving youths to either a commercial marine archeologist/pearl farmer/business entrepreneur (T Roberts) or a qualified marine biologist/commercial aquaculturist (R Rose, PhD). Independently, Tom through observations and working underwater on pearl farms and Bob’s research/aquaculture on the reproductive ecology/life cycles of pearl oysters and sea cucumbers discovered both species share the same marine habitat and thrive together in open-sea, polyculture systems.

Fourteen years ago both gentlemen met in northern Palawan Province, Philippines to establish a pearl farm. While conducting a survey, they realized that Busuanga Island and surrounding archipelago were teeming with sea cucumber species of which most were commercially lucrative and easy to propagate using pearl oyster-abalone hatchery/nursery techniques. Most importantly, the grow-out techniques developed in Indonesia and Australia by Bob and by two colleagues on the management team (Jeff Abel and Beni Giraspy), were ideally suited for the area.

Both proponents were aware through colleagues from the seafood industry and scientific literature that an ever-increasing global demand for sea cucumber was due to a rapidly growing human population in combination with a plethora of collapsing regional fisheries. Readily available buyers in close proximity to major markets across the South China Sea, made the practicality of entering market with aquacultured produce cost-effective; hence, Roberts and Rose partnership commenced.

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The Relaunch of Mission Markets!

After many months of being dark Mission Markets is preparing its relaunch and promises to serve the impact and sustainability capital sectors  and all its stakeholders using its innovation and creativity like never before.  Our main service of providing a venue in which impact focused entrepreneurs and companies can access mission aligned capital from accredited investors will be  augmented with crowdfunding through our  SEED, Services for Early Enterprise Development, platform.  This will enable Mission Markets to support the entire continuum of financial needs from concept phase to more mature companies.

Additionally Mission Markets is creating  ”The Mission Marketplace,” which will integrate  a social network feature allowing members to form their own private groups to conduct due diligence,  discuss investment opportunities, engage in peer reviews of listed investments and follow subject matter experts via our networks blog.

In Mission Markets technology we have created what we believe is the most comprehensive impact and sustainable investment and multi-environmental credit information and transactions platform that exists in the world today.  We will now be able to allow affinity groups, impact investment exchanges, universities, and local communities to use our technology infrastructure to create their own “Branded Portals” or virtual impact and sustainable investment “Storefronts” and serve their own members more effectively while being connected to the larger Mission Marketplace community.

We anticipate our initial re-launch in the second week of July, stay tuned for updates.

– Michael Van Patten, CEO & Founder, Mission Markets Inc.

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US SIF Looks at Sustainability Trends in Alternative Investments

Mission Markets is proud to have sponsored a report by the US Social Investment Forum (SIF) on “Sustainability Trends in Alternative Investments in the United States.” The report found that between 2010 and 2011, there was a 15.9% increase in investments in alternative investment funds incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, resulting in $80.9 billion of investments. Private equity and venture capital funds led ESG investments numerically, property and real estate funds managed the most assets, and hedge funds managed the smallest group of ESG investment vehicles.

Environmental themes garnered the most investments, with high interest in green building, climate change issues, clean technology, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Request a summary or order the full report here.