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Our New Online Crowdfunding Portal to Support Sustainable Organizations

Earlier this week we were excited to announce the addition of a crowdfunding platform, Mission Crowdfund, as part of our core offerings. Crowdfunding allows people to collectively pool their money via digital portals to support an organization or project. The launch of Mission Crowdfund goes a step further by also being the first platform to offer voluntary funding of environmental and wildlife habitat credits.

Mission Markets’ experience in sustainable capital markets and our portal platforms for impact and sustainable investments is further enhanced by the addition of the new donation-based crowdfunding platform. With the launch of Mission Crowdfund, organizations in the impact space are able to raise funds for projects that support their social or environmental objectives. Mission Crowdfund is exemplary of Mission Markets’ focus on fostering an entire ecosystem around financing for sustainable impact.

“Mission-driven organizations struggle to raise funding needed to address their communities’ most challenging problems. Often financing solutions are limited to sophisticated investors,” says Ken Marienau, CEO of Mission Markets. “We are pleased that our new platform, Mission Crowdfund, enables everyone to donate to projects close to their hearts.”


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Sustainable Capital and Securities Crowd Funding

This post is part of a series called “Mission Markets Musings” where team members share their thoughts on the latest developments within the impact and sustainability sectors. 

There already has been much debate, conversation and rhetoric around the topic of securities and what most people are calling “Equity Crowd funding”.

The prospect of investors, regardless of their accreditation status, having the ability to invest in private placement offerings and supporting exciting impact investment opportunities is likely to have a positive influence on the capital injection process for sustainable businesses.

In my opinion, Securities Crowd Funding is best suited towards direct investments in support of local businesses that can improve the health of local communities and economies.  I am referring to businesses such as retail outlets, restaurants, local food systems and renewable energy developers. I think that local direct investment and lending by community members can serve as a new form of a “Community Banker.”

These types of investments can offer:

  • Opportunity for revenue sharing arrangements
  • Cash flow and fixed income returns,
  • In some cases potential for equity returns.

They also offer the benefit of having a direct stake in the growth of your local economy as a local investor. This can possibly connect hundreds of local investors with local businesses and substantially increase their chances of success. In turn these local investors become advocates of their local businesses and can see their investment put to work, creating a positive feedback loop.

When the SEC does approve Securities Crowd Funding, it has the potential to spark local economic activity and become an integral tool for creating deep and lasting connections within local economies and their stakeholders.

mvpMichael Van Patten

Founder & President, Mission Markets