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Mission Markets Musings: Andrea Alexopoulos

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My job here at Mission Markets gives me the unique opportunity to be inspired on a daily basis.  I am in charge of Member Services — that means I assist companies seeking capital that demonstrate a social or environmental mission to list their offering on our platform.  Aside from providing these groups with the listing requirements, walking them through our platform, and encouraging their patience with our website, I have the privilege of learning about these different companies and the great work they are doing in the social and environmental space.

From funds to start ups, and from fisheries to habitat / conservation banks,  I have seen so many different companies register on or inquire about Mission Markets.  Some of the most interesting companies have been traditional consumer goods companies incorporating a social or environmental component — like organic food delivery services or social enterprises employing women in developing countries.  Others are tackling existing infrastructure shortcomings by using social and environmental strategies — including LEED certified housing projects and natural gas vehicles locally owned in Latin America.  Most of these companies praise our efforts to create a sustainable investment platform but I think the companies on our site are the ones that deserve all the praise.

All of these organizations have one thing in common — they are harnessing the power of business to solve some of the world’s most pressing sustainability issues.  Granted, none of these companies can ever single-handedly “save the world”, but they can set a great example for the way business should be conducted.  If enough companies can realize the benefits of doing good while doing well, we may see a paradigm shift in what we accept from companies doing business.  It might start out small, but when I see all of the companies that have expressed an interest in Mission Markets, it makes me very optimistic that one day we will see social and environmental missions replacing even those of the largest corporations.

Forever an optimist,

Andrea Alexopoulos
Mission Markets Director of Member Services

Author: Mission Markets

Mission Markets operates a financial marketplace for the impact and sustainability community. On the Mission Marketplace members can raise capital, discover investment opportunities, buy and sell environmental credits, access comprehensive data and information, promote valuable products and services and connect with a community of like minded stakeholders. Our goal is to increase the flow of information and capital within the impact and sustainability sector and expand the stakeholder community as a whole.

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