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Mission Markets Musings: Peter J. Mastella

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I recently joined the Mission Markets team as the Director of Climate Change Markets.  What does that mean?  As with any position or title, the person grows with the role and the role is plied as the person grows.  For now, it seems my role is to oversee many aspects of the environmental side of the Mission Markets platforms.

Did you know that Mission Markets incorporates more than traditional impact investment?  More than your typical (if anything truly is typical) microfinance opportunity?  Mission Markets is actually a financial services firm leveraging technology and cloud computing to provide solutions to the sustainable market and community.  I bet you didn’t know that.

Mission Markets has developed three unique, secure transaction platforms that, when combined, create a holistic and expansive sustainable marketplace for discerning buyers and sellers in search of opportunities throughout the impact, environmental, and socially responsible sectors.  So, “yes, Virginia. . .” (forget about Santa) “sustainability” incorporates the impact, environmental, and socially responsible sectors.  That’s why I’m here; because of the environmental side of sustainability.  I’m also here because I believe in what we’re doing at Mission Markets; that is, providing stakeholders in this sustainable community with tools enabling them to execute.
I spent years practicing in the M&A transaction world and participating in that ever-so-popular investment banking world – except I was one of the good guys.  I didn’t buy and sell credit default swaps, or securitize poorly vetted pools of mortgages and flog them off as decent investments.  Rather, I financed and built portfolios of hard assets; particularly infrastructure assets.  You know, the stuff we use every day – roads, bridges, water distribution, electricity production.  Most relevant, I financed and built renewable energy generation facilities.  So, I guess my role today is to provide my financial knowledge and capital markets know-how to the Mission Markets organization at large, while I help cement Mission Markets as the leader in facilitating environmental and clean energy transactions and projects.

Sound good?  I think so.  Wrap your head around this.  An organization (e.g., company, government, foundation, etc.) wants to build or facilitate the development of a renewable energy or water conservation project.  That organization should become a member of Mission Markets.  Why, you ask?  Well, for starters, that organization will need to raise capital for such a project.  How do they do that?  On the Mission Markets investment platform.  Where member buyers and sellers can meet and entertain working with one another through investment.

That same organization would then want to oversee or ensure proper oversight and management of the project.  Possibly ensure that the project was developed in a competitive, transparent, and cost effective environment.  Does such a world exist?  Yes; on the Mission Markets climate and sustainability platform.  Where members can list requests for proposals, pick winning bidders, and manage the entire project development process securely and efficiently.

Then, in this world of environmental sustainability, these projects will produce intangible attributes (maybe you’ve heard of carbon credits or renewable energy certificates or water quality credits) that the organization will either wish to bank or monetize.  Where will they do that?  On the Mission Markets earth platform.  Where member issuers of such intangible attributes can list those attributes for sale, and/or purchase such attributes in an exchange environment.

What do you call one place where someone can go to find what they were originally looking for, yet still come across other items of interest before they leave that same place?  Sounds like your neighborhood mall!  Or in this case, the Mission Markets “mall”.

Mission Markets is a central marketplace or a “mall,” creating a secure online community where buyers and sellers in the sustainable sector, and the sub-sectors that exist within sustainability, can assess opportunities that run the gamut from equity in a global micro-finance investment, to the development of and investment in a renewable energy project, to the purchase of energy efficiency credits.

Did you see the President’s State of the Union address the other night?  President Barack Obama has launched what is to be a new era of clean energy development in the U.S., announcing that this could be a “Sputnik moment.”  He’s urged Americans to rally around a new goal: obtaining 80 percent of America’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.  While this could mean many things to many people, my understanding is that President Obama is referring to a combination of all resources – renewable energy, nuclear, natural gas, and yes, possibly even clean coal.  A lofty goal perhaps.  But, a goal that, nonetheless, will need 1) facilitation around the investments that make such goals attainable; 2) efficient means by which to develop such assets leading to successful achievement of these goals; and, 3) a market to facilitate the trading and exchanging of products related to these goals.  If there was a place that could lend a hand with all this – that would be a great community to be involved in, let alone a cool place to work.  That’s why I joined Mission Markets.

If it’s not evident, what Mission Markets has done is revolutionize the ability to invest in and execute on an entire spectrum of sustainable opportunities through the Impact Investment Platform, the Earth Exchange, and the Climate and Sustainability Network.  In essence, we will help you attain your sustainable goal – whatever that is.  If this sounds interesting to you, even if you’re not lucky enough to work at Mission Markets like me, register as a Member of our community.  Be part of the solution – Mission Markets.

– Peter J. Mastella, Mission Markets Director of Climate Change Markets

Author: Mission Markets

Mission Markets operates a financial marketplace for the impact and sustainability community. On the Mission Marketplace members can raise capital, discover investment opportunities, buy and sell environmental credits, access comprehensive data and information, promote valuable products and services and connect with a community of like minded stakeholders. Our goal is to increase the flow of information and capital within the impact and sustainability sector and expand the stakeholder community as a whole.

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