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Mission Markets – a B Corp for B Corps

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Mission Markets is now one of B Lab’s Financial Service Partners!

B Lab is a nonprofit focused on making a new type of corporation, the B Corporation, focused on Benefit to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. To become a B Corporation, companies must pass the B Survey which rates a company’s level of accountability, treatment of employees and consumers, and impact on their community and environment. They must also include the interests of employees, the environment, and the community in their corporate governing documents. Mission Markets is a B Corp and you should become one, too!

Mission Markets was featured in the B Lab newsletter sent out last week with the news that Mission Markets is now one of B Lab’s Financial Service Partners! Here’s the blurb about us that showed up in the newsletter:

This B Corporation is a new private investment exchange that brings socially and environmentally focused companies like B Corporations into contact with mission-driven investors, allowing companies efficient access to capital. B Corporations seeking to raise capital can list their company and their financial offering on the Mission Markets private capital marketplace. Accredited investors search through listed offerings and can decide to pursue due diligence and make an investment. Fees are only success-based and are currently low during their Beta release phase. There are no membership or listing fees for B Corporations. As a B Corporation itself, Mission Markets aims to be the go-to platform for other B Corps seeking funding. Several B Corporations are already considering or in the process of listing their offerings. Please visit Mission Markets and sign up as an issuer member at Contact the Mission Markets team for more information, a demo of the platform, or for help signing up as an Issuer. You can reach them at 646-837-6877 or at

To learn more about Mission Markets as a B Corp and the rest of the B Corp community, check out the following links:
– Read about Mission Markets on the B Corp website here.
– Read more about B Corps here.
– Check out the B Corps Declaration of Interdependence

And remember, Mission Markets is still in its Beta launch and waiting for YOU. List your company

– The Mission Market Team




Author: Mission Markets

Mission Markets operates a financial marketplace for the impact and sustainability community. On the Mission Marketplace members can raise capital, discover investment opportunities, buy and sell environmental credits, access comprehensive data and information, promote valuable products and services and connect with a community of like minded stakeholders. Our goal is to increase the flow of information and capital within the impact and sustainability sector and expand the stakeholder community as a whole.

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